💮 July Photo Album 💮

This week I'll start of by sharing some shots from the past 4 weeks.

I normally take my camera wherever I go. So here is what I got!

 Even though it is still winter for some reason there are still spring blooms here and there.
My youngest little sister looking at me through a window.
I love moss, people normally don't really notice it. But it's so vibrant and soft.
A lone rose on our rose bush which is more like a rose stick!
Eyes are so amazing! This is my other sister Isabella's eye!
Stop and smell the roses! This was a self-portrait of sorts. I quite like it actually!
Amelia having a bath. I snuck in and grabbed some photos. She was so cute!
I had to stand so still to get this one. Birdie was enjoying it's lunch!

Well I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my recent photos!
This with be a reoccurring post each month.


  1. You have cute pics in there! I liked it

  2. Beautiful photos! Love the one of the baby in the bath- *thegoodthingscomin.wordpress.com

  3. Love the blog I also travel with camera taking pictures of where I have been or taking pictures of my art work.

  4. Nice pictures! I like the one of your sister's eye, and the bird. ;)


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