Photography Tips that Helped Me

Helpful Tips

When I look back now I can see the very beginnings of the photographer I hope to become.
I used our small point and shoot camera more than anyone else and then when I actually decided to pursue photography as a future career.
I still consider myself a beginner/amateur photographer but I thought I would compile a list of tips that helped me when I had never picked up a DSLR before.

1. Your camera is not as fragile as you might think!
Cameras are built to take a few bumps and knocks now and again. So don't freak out to much if it happens.
I treated my camera as if it was a delicate china cup when I first got it and I still handle it carefully but not so much as before.

2. Always carry more than one battery or memory card!
I currently only have one battery but I really do need a few more.
To many times I have been happily clicking away and then the battery goes flat or my memory card is full.
It is very frustrating when that happens so try to avoid it by having back up on hand!

3. Share your photos with others
Don't be shy to show others your work. Join Facebook groups, use Instagram, anything you prefer!
How else will you start to improve if know can give you tips and advice?
I share mine on my Facebook page and in the Facebook group called build + bloom by jessica whitaker .

4. Get rid of anything that is not needed in your shot!
Only have what you need to tell the story you want to tell and eliminate the junk that is unnecessary.
Sometimes you can get excited about it and add to much. So just keep tat in mind!

5. Take lots of pictures!
Bring your camera with you everywhere you can and practise.
I bring my camera where ever I think I'll get some nice photos. Also keep it handy at home, you never know when there might be a good photo opportunity!

I hope these help you like they helped me!
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

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