6 Things I'm Loving Right Now

This post I going to be about some of the things I love at the moment.
Whether it's music, food, styles, books, movies,anything I like, it will be here!

What are you loving right now? Should I make this a monthly post?

                                                                          1. Dilmah's Tangerine, Rose and Grapefruit tea
I can have 3 cups of this gold in one day and not get bored of it. It's fruity, tangy and perfect.

                                                                          2. Magnetic Bookmarks
I have two of these and will collect more. They are great, they don't fall out of the book. And isn't the design so cute? My other one has dogs on it.

                                                                           3. Bee or honeycomb things
I don't know why....they're just so cute and sweet! (Get it...sweet!) I would love to own some bee themed jewelry.

                                                                            4. Typewriter font
It would be so cool to own a typewriter I think. You could write like this all the time.
It's so simple yet.....I don't know how to explain it. Anyone else feel this way about this font?

                                                                             5. Ankle boots
I have always worn 'normal' boots and then I saw these and loved them. I will be owning some soon.
The two pairs pictured above I like because they look like they're made from that suede stuff.
(bad explanation!)

                                                                               6.  Pressed and dried flowers

They're sooo pretty. *deep sigh* I love flowers and drying them means some of their beauty is preserved.

Do you love any of these thing too?
I would love to know!

(all images except the tea and the bookmark were from Pinterest)

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Hannah! *waves* Found your blog through your comment on Naomi's. :) (Which I weirdly responded to because you mentioned 'This Beautiful Fantastic.' :-P)

    Ooh, I like magnetic bookmarks, too! It's nice how they don't fall out, like you say. And yes, the designs are often so cute/pretty! :)

    Aww, I'd never really thought of it before, but honeybee things ARE cute! (And yes, sweet, haha. ;))

    I think typewriter font appeals to all of us. (Or it should.) :D

    I like the look of ankle boots, too! I got one pair last winter and wore them ALLLLLL the time. I'd definitely say it's a worthwhile purchase!

    And pressed and dried flowers . . . *happy sigh* Awwww. :)

    This is a really fun post! You should definitely make it a monthly thing. :) (And by the way, your blog name is really unique and cool; I like it!)


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