\\ August Photo Album //

I wish I took this photo but I didn't!

August was a cool month. I took quite a few photos but a lot of them were for this blog. I don't like using stock photos because it feels like stealing other artist's work. So I try to take the majority of the photos on this blog. 
I have decided to change this monthly post a bit. I will have the photos that I took in that month and write the things that happened, things that I did, and thing that I hope to do in the coming month.

It is getting harder to photograph Amelia because she moves around a lot more than she used to.

A pearl bracelet on the first page of Pride & Prejudice. I like playing around with different things and taking photos of them.

I picked some snowdrops on a walk and of course I had to take a picture....or two..or five.
This is my succulent which amazingly is still alive. If you have trouble remembering to water plants, get a succulent because you only need to spritz them with water about once a week.
Making a cup of my favourite tea! Rose,Grapefruit and Tangerine. Mmmmmmmmm.
The sunlight filtering through the rainbow beet in the vegetable garden.
Another photo of my delicious birthday cake.

New leaves are forming on our fruit trees. Spring is coming soon!

// Things that happened in August  //

  • I turned 14
  • I read about 4 books
  • Got my braces put on
  • Started my first photography course assignment
  • Got into the garden and begun to get it ready for planting
  • Started following about 9 more new blogs
  • Visited a few friends
// Things I would like to do in September //
  • Read at least 3 books
  • Complete my assignment for photography
  • Earn some money
  • Plant things in the garden
  • Build a planter for my future herb garden
  • Get a new memory card (boring I know but I need another one #photographerslife)
  • Try out new hairstyles
  • Finish knitting the dolls blankets I am working on
|| Currently || August ||

Listening - Owl City, Copperlily, Michael Buble
Discovering - Lawson Bates music, these blogs A Girl's Place   the introverted extrovert   
Read- Alice Miranda to the Rescue, The Courtship Basket (I finished it this month so that counts right?), The Help, Preparing to be a Help Meet (because I'm getting married soon! No I just thought it would be a good read and it was. It made me think and I actually had  a few chapters left but I'll probably re-read it later in life)
Eating-frozen yogurt, the best guilt-free chocolate chip cookies, mint choc chip ice cream, lots of soup because of my braces, a great Shepard's pie, and chocolate
Thinking - about summer, youth conference that I am hopefully going to, my camera, my friends, reading and my new room which I want to move into soon


  1. I love those photo's you made Hannah!! So pretty. :)

    1. Thank you very much! Do you have a favourite?
      I think my favourite is the succulent or my little sister.

    2. Yes, the bracelet on Pride and Prejudice and the brithday cake. However I love the picture of your little sister also.

    3. Wow Hannah, that cake looks amazing!

    4. It was very nice! Did you know that Carlin's brother Lawson Bates has 2 music albums?
      The songs are really cool.

    5. yeah, but I haven't seen them apart from one song.


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