// A Bookish Wishlist //

Do you want some books? Of course! Of course I have a wish list for books. Of course I think that I don't already have enough. Of course I am going to tell you want the books are!
Note: Some of the book on this list are the 1st book in a series. Even if I only show the first book I do still want to read the whole series.

Books that I kind of already own but love the covers of these editions!

Need I say anything? *stares at the covers*

Books that I have read but don't own yet and really want to.....soon!
I really liked these books and loved some of them even more. The Mandie collection book is the first one. I have read up to around book 10 I think but I want to own the whole series in the small individual editions rather than the big fat collections.
And yes I do recommend basically every book in this collage!

I haven't read these books yet but I am sure I will love them so I want to buy them!

Book inspired things I would like to have!
Aren't  these things simply perfect? Like this page holder thing here ↑↑↑.

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  1. So many awesome books! I'm just a drooling over the book masking tape, and I don't even need any masking tape :-)


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