My 14th Birthday!!



Thursday the 3rd of August was my birthday.
My family brought me my presents in bed and sang 'Happy Birthday to you' to me. We always do this on birthdays in our house.
I opened them one by one and read my cards. 
Here are all my lovely handmade cards!
These are the things I got given:
My Aunty gave me Christy Miller Volume 2.

I love how fun,summer-y and bright the spines look together.

I got these from one of our neighbours. I think there are so pretty.

My little brother made the small cardboard thing,it's a camera. The chocolates were from my Mum and my younger sister made the little purple soap.

My parents got me this skirt which I really like because it is comfortable and simple.

The rest of Thursday was spent at home reading.

I chose Italian Cream Cake for my birthday cake. We had never made it before. I had heard about it when I read 'The Icing on the Cake' by Janice Thompson and looked up a recipe.
Here the link to the recipe we used: Italian Cream Cake recipe

I really liked it. It's fluffy, vanilla-ry,and the icing is lovely and creamy!
I definitely recommend you try it.


What did you get from your most recent birthday?
How do you like to spend your birthdays?

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