My Favourite Couples Ever!

After seeing a similar post on another blog, I thought it would be fun to put together a list of my favourite couples (manly from Period Dramas) and lots of pictures.
Warning: there will be spoilers!
So I no particular order, here goes.......

Sophy Hutton & Dr Frank Harrison ~ Cranford

I mean honestly, THEY ARE THE MOST ADORABLE COUPLE EVER! *squeals*
Sophy is one of those girls that looks like a beautiful doll. She's sweet, kind, responsible, caring, loving, and looks after her family exceptionally well.
Dr Harrison is wonderful too. (Spoilers) I felt so sorry for him when there is all that mix up with the ladies.
He was so confused as to what on earth had happened while the only heart that had earned his affection was Sophy's.
He is also caring, hard working, honourable and every bit a gentleman. And his blue eyes!!!!!!
*sighs because she loves blue eyes*
What more can I say?

Sybil Crawley & Tom Branson ~ Downton Abbey

These two!! They suit each other very well I think.
They are both stubborn and a little bit rebellious. I love their story. It has it's ups and downs like many love stories but eventually they click.
I love Sybil because she is the peacemaker between her older sisters, she is very kind, and I very much admire her when she becomes a nurse. Her voice is very nice too I think.
Tom, well he's Irish! I have a thing for the Irish, their accents guys!!! Aside from his accent he stands very strong for what he believes in, loves Sybil very much, he is adorable with his daughter and I feel so sorry for him when he is struggling with adjusting to the "upstairs world" and when his darling Sybil dies.
This picture makes me soooooo sad, but it's also beautiful. *sad sigh*

Elizabeth Thatcher & Jack Thornton ~ When Calls the Heart

Oh my goodness! I love this series. Have you seen it, because if you haven't I don't know what you're all waiting for.
Unlike the other shows I have mentioned in this post, this one is set in Canada.
Elizabeth Thatcher is smart, good with children( I mean she is a school teacher ), determined, independent and has a sense of humour.
Jack Thornton is kind, down to earth, brave, (handsome) helpful, clever, a JACK-of-all-trades, and a Mountie.
These two have yet to get engaged at this point. I am still waiting to watch Season 4.
I the little town of Hope Valley where they live, there are some other pretty cool characters in the series!

Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe ~ Anne of Green Gables

It's been a while since I 've watched this and I have yet to read the books but these two are still on this list.
They have one of those relationships that starts of with one side (or both sides) hating the other person but then eventually falling in love.
If you've watched it you will know of the slate incident!
Anne is imaginative, lovable, clever, stubborn, dramatic, and well.......she's Anne! You can't help but love her despite her faults.
Gilbert Blythe. He is kind, funny, charming, smart, and caring.
You root for Gilbert from the start in this unique but classic love story.

Missie Davis & Willie LaHaye ~ Love Comes Softly movie series
*smiles at the happy memory of this couple*
These two knew each other from childhood. It's so cute when Willie's returns Missie's hair ribbons to her after he's kept them since his school days.
Willie is the kind of man I wish there were more of today. He is hard working, kind, protective, fair, loving, brave, godly, and handsome.  😃😏😏
Missie is faithful, kindhearted, friendly, motherly, compassionate, godly, wise, and patient. She works as a school teacher and she is not very good at cooking.

Mary Crawley & Matthew Crawley ~ Downton Abbey
They are cousins so that's why they have the same last name to start with. Arrggh! I LOVE this couple so much and I am soooooo sad that these too get separated by the death of Matthew. Matthew, oh dear dear Matthew! Why did you have to drive so fast? I know you were excited and bursting with joy and pride at the birth of you first child but have you heard that speed kills?
*wipes a tear from her eye*
Matthew is awesome! There that's all. Ok, he's also affectionate, brave (I mean he fought in the war, you gotta be brave for that), a bit stubborn, more down to earth than most people would be if they where an heir to a great estate, and altogether lovable. I mean when you watch it you can help but love him as a character.
Mary is heartless. (That's what my brother and father think) No. Mary, I understand you. It is not easy being the eldest in the family. Mary is well, it is a bit tricky to describe her. She can be a little mean to Edith or anyone who gets of on the wrong foot with her but when she meets Matthew he brings out the best in her I think.
One other thing, this isn't Mary's fault but I dislike the fact that a nanny takes care of their children and they only see the kids for a few hours each day. That's just how it was done in those days but I just think it's not right. If you have kids, spend time with them, teach them things, play with them.
There are still some very sweet scenes in this series where Tom or Mary is bonding with Sybie or George.

Phew, that is the longest description of any of the couples. I wonder why? (hehehe)
I enjoyed that and I hope you did too. No doubt there will be a follow up someday.

Who are you favourite couples and are any of them the same as mine?


  1. I LOVE ALL OF THEM!! YES! !!!
    Haven't seen When Calls the Heart yet. But it seems lovely.
    Such good choices Hannah!!
    I might also do this as a blog post. :)

    1. You should definetly watch When Calls the Heart! There are 4 seasons so far and Season 5 is being released next year.
      I still havn't seen Season 4 because it hasn't reached where I live yet. *sad face*

  2. Tom & Sybil <3

    Also, Anne & Gil and Matthew & Mary! You have good taste:)

    Lovely blog, by the way!

    1. Thanks! I am quite happy with my blog look too. I hate it when one of them dies!

  3. YES.

    Loved this!!

    1. Glad you liked it! Stick around for part 2 one day! The more period dramas and movies I watch the more I get on my list. Happy couples just fill me with happiness.

  4. I love all of them!
    Especially Tom+Sybil, Jack and Elizabeth and Mary&Matthew! Missie and Willie though are so sweet also. And I get so mad when he dies in the series, because in the books he doesn't even die. That's not really fair of the producers, to let him die when everyone likes him so much and he is the perfect match for Missie. While in the books...argh! (Let's just say they didn't stick to the book, sadly)
    Love the post! Maybe I'll do one. Later. In a few days.
    Either way, I bid you adieu ;)


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