This Beautiful Fantastic movie review (with Spoilers)

I watched this movie recently and LOVED  it.
This post with be me rambling on about this movie and a LOT of pictures. *smiles*

'This Beautiful Fantastic' is about a rather odd, single young lady named Bella Brown who wants to write a book and is scared of plants, who finds love, overcomes her fear (of plants)  and befriends a grumpy but kind old man.
I love the fact that Jessica Brown Findlay plays Bella Brown. I had only ever seen her as the lovely Lady Sybil Crawley in the amazing Downton Abbey series.
(How pretty is this picture of Sybil!)

Bella Brown's neighbour Mr Stevenson is upset that she has neglected the garden. He makes a complaint and an inspector arrives and tells her she has a month to tidy it up.

As their friendship blossoms, Mt Stevenson helps her out in fixing the garden.

 She begins hating gardening and ends up loving it. Alfie Stevenson is the type of person who is grumpy on the outside but inside there is a kind heart. I really like that about him. When he shows Bella his garden it is magical. Colour blooms everywhere, and he names them all as they walk though this forest of flowers.

Bella Brown is a very odd person and she keeps everything very perfect and organised. Bella's job is at the library which suits her because she has loved books since she was a girl.
It is at the library she meets Billy. Billy is a designer and comes in to the library to work on ideas and gain inspiration from other designers books.

Jeremy Irvine plays Billy. He is a very cute character and I like him a lot. Jeremy played Albert in the 'War Horse' too. Though he was quite young in the 'War Horse' he acted amazingly well.
I love this scene where they meet by accident in the park.

They suit each other because they're both a bit odd in their own way.

Billy shows Bella (Billy and Bella isn't that cute!) is mechanical creations.

                                                          Luna, the mechanical bird

Billy asks her to tell him a story about Luna and that is where she gets her inspiration for her children's book. Luna's name comes form the fact that she is powered by light even moonlight, hence Luna!
I also love this part. As she thinks up the story in her head.

Now I have to talk about the Irishman Vernon for a moment. He is so funny but very caring and you feel sorry for him because he is a widower dad looking after his twin girls.

Vernon works as Alfie Stevenson's cook at first and then he becomes Bella's cook.

Vernon still cooks meals for Mr Stevenson and passes the meals through a 'window' in the garden shed between the neighbours.

One of my favourite parts is when Billy comes to see Bella because she hasn't been at the library for a while. She thought she had seen him with another girl and was upset but Billy explains that that was his identical brother as he is the oldest of triplets. Billy wasn't able to meet her because he had had an accident and wound up in hospital.

Bella completes her garden project and since it was Alfie who called the inspector he tells him to leave Bella alone now.
The Luna story idea develops into the story for her children's book which is named 'This Beautiful Fantastic' .
Before she publishes it however, Mr Stevenson unfortunately passes away. Alfie Stevenson leaves his house to Vernon and his girls.

Here everyone is happy, sitting in Bella's garden, listening to her reading her book aloud.
Overall this is a very warm and charming story and I definitely recommend the movie.

What did you think of this movie if you have watched it?

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