Movies I want to watch

What's on my list of things I want to watch? You will find out now. If you keep reading!
For some reason most of these might be period dramas soooo....
P.S. I do not like the Keira Knightley version of P&P but this picture was nice so I used it. ⬆⬆⬆⬆

☆ Wives and Daughters 1999 ☆
Since recently watching Cranford I have been interested in seeing this too. 

☆ The Paradise ☆
My parents have seen this and well almost everything on this list anyway but it looks very fresh and fancy to me. 
☆ Jane Eyre 2011 ☆
I have yet to venture into the worlds of the Bronte sisters. I own a copy of Wuthering Heights and it is on my list to read Jane Eyre too. I never really stick to reading the book first, you can't always do that.
☆ Mansfield Park 1999 ☆
I have watched the 2007 adaptation of Mansfield Park but this version looks better to me for some reason. 
☆ Sense and Sensibility 2008 ☆
I mean Dan Stevens is in it guys. DAN STEVENS. Of course I have to see it. I am used to the 1995 adaptation of this (seen it 3 times, yay to me!) but I have to watch this one too. 

☆ Poldark ☆
I confess, part of why I may want to watch this is because of Kili/Ross Poldark/Aiden Turner. And my parents are watching it. The scenery looks lovely and I am listening to the soundtrack already! 

✩ Saving Mr Banks ✩
This simply sounds interesting, my parents have seen it long ago and I have heard good things about it.
✩ The Crown ✩
I didn't realise that Claire Foy (Amy Dorrit from Little Dorrit) acted in this. Probably because I hadn't seen Little Dorrit at the time when I saw the trailer for this. Anyway, it looks interesting. 

✩ Viceroy's House ✩
Hugh Bonneville, another Downton Abbey star on this list, Horray! Yes, this looks good too. It is a new movie and I will be curious to see what it is like.

✩ Bright Star ✩
I have heard that this isn't that great but I would like to give it a try all the same. This picture looks really pretty. That's one thing I don't like about New Zealand, we don't really have meadows or fields of wildflowers around.

✩ Becoming Jane ✩
Well it's got to do with JA so of course I want to see it. End of story!

✩ God's Not Dead 3 ✩
The picture I included for this one is from Gods Not Dead 2 because it is still early days for this movie and there aren't any pictures for it yet. But yeah, I would like to see this because the other two have been great.

✩ The Man Who Invented Christmas ✩
Another Dan Stevens film. To be honest, I think he look a bit strange as this character, Charles Dickens I think, but oh well. It's here on this list.

Others I thought I would mention
Victoria & Abdul, Loving Vincent, Goodbye Christopher Robin, The Zoo keeper's Wife, Victoria Season 2, Belles on their Toes, Swallow and Amazons


  1. A lovely list Hannah!! I've seen all of them, except Jane Eyre 2011, The Crown, Viceroy's House, Bright Star, God's not Dead 3, The Man who invented Christmas and all the other movies you've mentioned.
    Poldark is such a nice serie to watch! There are some things that aren't so fun, I didn't liked those things either, but it's a lovely serie and it has some great characters. I don't like Mansfield Park, it's not one of my favorite movies of Jane Austen. Don't like it. Wives and Daughters and Sense and Sensibility are lovely too!!! Dan Stevens plays in Sense and Sensibility, he played Matthew in Downton Abbey! Have you seen Downton Abbey? The Paradise is great too.
    I've watched a few episodes of The Crown, but I didn't liked it. I'm not really a royal person, who watches movies with royals in it, which involves queens and kings. But, everyone has a own opinion, so you need to watch it before you judge it. :)

  2. I have seen...let me of these list. Poldark not whole, because season 3 is not in Holland yet. And I also started The Crown, but we watch it with the whole family and everyone said: boring!! So we stoppped.
    Wives&Daughters is really great, I love Molly and Roger together! It's a bit different from the book, but that doesn't matter. Sense&Sensibility 1995 and 2008 are both very good, but I think I prefer the 2008 version.
    The Paradise is a nice serie too, and it has a few known actors(for my part then)
    Mansfield Park wasn't really a good one. We watched both adaptions and disliked both. Maybe, if I had to choose I would choose the one on your list(Mr Knightley from Emma plays in it, but both are not so nice. That's my opinion, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't watch it)
    Saving Mr Banks was wonderful! And so was Becoming Jane. The others I haven't seen either.


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