The Happy Tag

I haven't ever been tagged to do a tag so I just have to tag myself so to speak. I saw this tag around the blogging world so I thought I'd go on and do it. Also it's Spring here (basically) so I figure it's a good time to be happy.

Books.  Little Women // The Icing on the Cake // The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh // Little house on the Prairie // A Long Way from Home // The Help // The Courtship Basket

Words.  Simplicity // Love // Joy // Heliophilia // Twinkly // Arriverderci // Wildflower // Mellifluous // Iridescent // Aurora

Movies/TV.  Downton Abbey // Cranford // La La Land // Cinderella 2015 // This Beautiful Fantastic // Letters to Juliet // Love's Enduring Promise // Return to Cranford // Northanger Abbey 2007 // Call the Midwife

Fictional Characters. Amy Dorrit // Laura Ingalls Wilder // Anne & Gilbert // Henry Tilney // The March Sisters

Scents. Violets // Christmas trees // Summer evening air // Vanilla // Lavender // Coffee // Dirt // Freshly cut grass

Songs. I Will Always by Lawson Bates // Here Comes the Sun by Colbie Callait // Crown Him with Many Crowns // Hot Air Balloon by Owl City // Map to Your Heart by Copperlily

I can't wait to see this movie (The Zoo keeper's Wife)

MISC.  Friends // The wind in your hair // Smooth desserts // Vintage shoes // Fresh flowers // Acoustic guitar music // Period dramas // Hot tea // Mint choc chip ice cream // Laughing out loud // Books

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