Top 10 Things That Make Me Happy

Joy, happiness and laughter are very important things. I can't imagine what it would be like if I lived without them.
But what it is that brings you happiness is also important. Think about it, what makes you happy?
Being with family, playing video games, getting praised, winning at sport, books?
It is important that the right things bring us happiness than not so good things. These are the things that make me happy!

1. I love to be around friends. I am quite an extrovert! Social activities, parties, get togethers, it's nice to have a good time with nice people and it makes me happy.

2. Happy couples in movies and books. Always brings a smile to my face. I sometimes also squeal like a piglet when I am very happy about the happy couple.

3. Getting mail. It is always nice to open the letterbox and find something addressed to you.

4. Eating mint chocolate chip ice cream!!! I love it soooo much. The mintyness and little bits of chocolate, it's all just fabulous!

5. Finishing a book. You get such nice feelings when you finish a book you enjoyed. Happiness, excitement (if there is another book in the series after it) and accomplishment.

6. Music! I don't know what I would do with books and MUSIC. It always makes me happy (as long as it's a happy song). Owl City, Lawson Bates, Swallows and Amazons soundtrack and any other happy little tune I find on Spotify.

7. Reading other bloggers blog posts. My favourite blog I think is Wonderland Creek. But any of the blogs I follow I enjoy read a new post from.
An unrelated picture this time because I couldn't find one that went with reading a blog post. And I do love Catherine Morland!

8. Summertime! My favourite season and there are so many things to be happy about in Summer. the sun, going swimming, the picnic's and BBQ's, all the glorious fruit, the sea, lemonade, walking around barefoot, icey treats and seeing friends a lot more.

9. New stationary! You know when you get a new pen and you can't stop admiring how nicely it dances on the paper when you write or an unused notebook that has totally blank pages just waiting for you to splash words or art all over them?

10. Flowers! I mean how can someone looks at flowers and not be filled with a certain kind of happiness that is only felt when one is looking at simple and extraordinary beauty?
I am feeling a bit poetic today! 

So there you have it!
Happiness is such a wonderful feeling. I hope you are feeling it today!

This movie made me happy too! I love these two!


  1. This post really made me smile! It's so filled with, well, happiness!:) I quite enjoyed it.

    1. Oh I'm so glad it made you happy and that you enjoyed it!


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