Authors I hope to start reading in 2018

Lately I 've been discovering a lot of authors books and likely hood of me actually getting round to them this year is very low. But I do hope to branch my known authors list a little more in 2018. So here are a few books I want to read from authors that are new to me.
Have you read books from any of these authors? How did you like them?

#1 Melody Carlson

#2 Elizabeth Gaskell

#3 Melissa Tagg

#4 Lynn Austin
Naomi from Wonderland Creek loves this author and I thought I would give her a go!

#5 J. R.R. Tolkein
I never thought I would want to read any of his books, but my brother has read The Hobbit and LOTR.

#6 Tricia Goyer

#7 Jen Turano
These look fun and i've heard that Jen writes brilliantly witty stories!

#8 Lisa Harris

It's surprising to think how this year will be over soon. I look forward to starting a fresh new Goodreads Reading Challenge as last year I started a bit later in the year because I had only just found Goodreads.
Hopefully I manage to a few of these of my list in the coming year.

Do you have any new-to-you authors you want to explore in 2018?

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