October ~ What happened, Favourites + November goals

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My friend, Melissa, and I.

\\ October Highlights \\

  • I finished my photography assignment and got 8/10. I am pretty happy with that because is was a hard assignment.
  • Attended a youth retreat.
  • The school holidays have been and gone.
  • I made my first roast chicken dinner and it turned out great.
  • I moved into a new bedroom and I have it all to myself!
  • We went to a book sale and now I have no room for anymore books, unless I put them on the floor.

// Completed Goals //

  • I didn't waste time in the holidays. I was always busy especially at the retreat.
  • Planted a few things in the garden

Sadly that was all that I completed for my October goals but hopefully I will be better next month.

My November goals are:

  • Start making Christmas presents
  • Practise a few carols on guitar to play at Christmas
  • Learn 3 new songs on guitar
  • Finish reading the book of Mark
  • Write to my pen pals

This month I will share my favourite songs.

Tis so Sweet - Jadon Lavik
I found this guy on Spotify and really like his style.
Lord, I Need You - Chris Tomlin
This song is so true!
You are My All in All - not any one in particular
There is a version by Brooke Griffith which I really like.
Give Me Jesus - Fernando Ortega
Great song!

I listen to these on Spotify so if you don't have it you might not be able to find them. Some of them might be on Youtube though.

So that was October. The 10th month of 2017. 2017 is slipping away fast. Don't waste it.

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