Top Ten Things that will Make Me want to read a book

#1 Beautiful Covers
I'll admit it. I do judge books by their covers....a lot.

#2 Mystery in the plot
Who doesn't love a good mystery to puzzle over and breathe a sigh of relief when it all gets resolved?

#3 Recommended by BFCG
Lindsey from Books for Christian Girls has great reviews that really help you find the best Christian books.

#4 Written by an author I know
I mean then you can usually trust it's a good book!

#5 Set in the past
Historical's are just so nice. It's like they're from another world.

#6 I saw the movie and I liked it so much I am interested in the book
'Nuff said.

#7 It has a sweet, heart-warming sounding plot
Those books that you return to again and again because it's made of gold. #littlehouseontheprairie

#8 It's Christian
I like seeing other Christian's and their walk with God, even fictional.

#9 If it is a classic
Classics's just have a lot of depth to them.

#10 WW2
I love this time in history in books. It's sad but the stories are 'fun' to read.

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