A Quick Update

Thursday, 9 November 2017

I have been doing some thinking and I'm still not that happy with my end of the month posts. Like this one and this one.

When I sit down to write one of those posts I am intimidated by all of it. So I am going to try and make it a little simpler.
I want to include just the major highlights, a few of the best photos I took that month, things I would like to do in the next month (not really goals but just things to do, like a mini bucket list), and some a 'Lately' section.
Pretty much what I already have  but just stripped down to the important things.

This is the trial and error side of blogging I suppose. Testing things out and finding out what works best.
As long as I enjoy it and you guys like what I am posting, it's cool!

See you tomorrow!

(When Blogger highlight the word 'blogger' as a spelling error. Whaaaat?!)

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