I need to rewatch these!

It's great when you find movies/series that you love. And when you love them you can't help but watch them again and again and again and again.
So here, my dears is a list of the movies that I must see again!

Letters to Juliet

I have seen this about 3 times I think. It's set in Verona, Italy and the scenery is beautiful. It's warm, slightly witty, romantic and I just love it and can't wait to see it again.

Emma 2009

It's about time I saw this again. I only remember small bits of it.  There is another version I think but I just feel like I won't like it as much as this one where Ramola Garai plays Emma.

This Beautiful Fantastic

I going to see it again anyway with the rest of my family who didn't come to the cinema to watch it. I did really enjoy it though and when you enjoy something you want to see it again and again and again.

Anne of Green Gables

I really need to get onto reading the books. I feel like I know the story so well and yet I have actually never read any of the books. Partly because I don't have them all. I think that the movies are great too.

Leap Year

It's set in Ireland. It's funny. It's quite clean and I really liked it. Matthew Goode (Henry Talbot from Downton Abbey) plays Declan, the man behind the steering wheel, so that's something too. I don't mind Henry Talbot because I do want Mary to be HAPPY! #bunnytrailortail?

Little Women 1994

Another classic I need to re-visit and I have read the book and listened to the audio book multiple times when I was younger.

The Book Thief 

*sobs* This was a very sad movie. I watched it and then later when I was a bit older I read the book. It is a good movie and I would like to see it again because I have now read the book.

Christy 2001 movies
I saw these a looooooong time ago. We watched them muddled up too. So I want to re-watch them in order and get the most out of them. There's also another version with different actors which I am interested in.

The Hobbit

A very cleverly done movie! I want to read the book(s) too. My brothers have The Hobbit and a LOTR box set. I didn't enjoy the last one as much. The Battle of the Five Armies made me cry.

What is the max number of times you have watched a movie/series?


  1. I've watched Pride and Prejudice 2005 7 times. Now you have made the list, I begin to realise that I need to rewatch movies too! I've watched all of them, except Leap Year, The Hobbit and The Beautiful Fantastic. Love Letters to Juliet and Anne of Green Gables, my favourites!! Little Women and The Book Thief are amazing too. And let me not forget Emma. <3 <3
    Lovely post Hannah!!

  2. Oh, yes, Emma '09...one I never get tired of watching!:) Also, love Leap Year! I need to watch that one again, too, sometime soon. Anne of Green Gables and Little Women are both such good ones as well. I haven't seen The Beautiful Fantastic or Letters to Juliet, but both are on my to-watch list. I actually just marathoned The Hobbit movies with my sisters yesterday on our day off. It was fun:)


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