My Favourite Call the Midwife Characters

Right, ooh I so excited to write this post! See I started watch CTM this year after my parents had seen it and I love it.
It's all so very lovely and friendly. Well, I mean some of the topics aren't lovely, that's the East End for you but the characters....oh the characters are so jolly good! They are what I have come to you to talk about.

I am not putting them in any particular order, because I can't rank them like that, I love them all!

Barbara Gilbert
I'm only up to Season 4 currently and she has only just arrived in S4 but I love her. She's well-meaning, works hard, and very sweet. She's the kind of person I would love to hang out with and just have a good conversation.
I love how she rides to and from the hospital twice a day to get milk from the mother and bring it to her baby in Episode 1, S4. She shows a lot of dedication and Sister Evangelina notices it.
I am already shipping her and Tom because I know that they get married. Tom is still besotted with Trixie but they just don't really fit like I think Barbara and Tom would. Her father is a clergyman or something like that so she would understand Tom's dedication to his duties, Trixie doesn't.

Sister Evangelina
Sister Evangelina is hilarious. It's normally her vs. someone else. In S4 it's Nurse Crane. She is a very get-on-with-it kind of person. Don't just stand back and watch, get in there an do it. You know what I mean?
But she is lovable and kind too. She has a strict rule that men should not be in the delivery room which does get broken sometimes.
She doesn't admit weakness very much either. When she was sick she didn't tell anyone. She didn't want to leave her job or slack.
I wouldn't mess around with her either!

Shelagh Turner
Darling Shelagh! (pronounced She-la)
I love her character. She is always trying to do the right thing and longs for a baby. Well, in S4 the Turner's adopt a darling little girl, Angela. I love the scene were Mr & Mrs Turner meet their new daughter. So sweet!
I think she looks best when her hair is down and wavy. And the glasses she's wearing above are so much better than the ones she wears when she's a nun.
Shelagh is a great mother too. Caring, loving, and hardworking.
I also quite like her accent!

Trixie Franklin
Trixie comes across as a silly, flirty, person. But she has a serious and passionate side too.
I can't help but love her. She always wants to have fun and is good at her job. She genuinely care about her patients and longs for romance.
She is a bit like Edith Crawley in that respect. Getting mixed up with the wrong guys. By wrong guys I don't mean bad, just not right for her.
Edith found happiness so I 'm sure Trixie will too. I only just finished S4 and she is in a pretty sorry state at the end of that so I really want her to find happiness and healing.
She wears pretty cute stuff too. There are a few dresses I don't like as much but most of hers are pretty s'well!

Those are the main ones I thought I would talk about but here a few others which I love too.

Chummy(Camilla Noakes), Fred, Jenny Lee(only she left in S4), Tom Hereward, and Peter Noakes.
And all the babies!

Who are your favourites?

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