Summer Bucket list 2017 // 2018

Summer is my favourite season! Then Autumn, but I'm not thinking about that now. Now it's time for sunshine and summer breezes.
These are some thing I would like to do in this season!

  • Swim in the sea. We didn't really do this last summer. Normally it was too cold and we live more in land so it's about an hours drive to a beach. 
  • Lie on the grass and read. I know pretty simple but we have a really nice tree that has good shade so it is perfect to sit under.
  • Eat lots of icy things. 
  • Go berry picking. Waking up early, wet grass, sneaking berries as you go and earning a few dollars!
  • Ride on my bike.
  • Put flowers in my hair/make a flower crown
  • Make my own sorbet. I love sorbet because it is lighter and more refreshing than ice cream.
  • Watch a sunrise and photograph it.
  • Toast marshmallows over a fire outdoors.
  • Pick flowers on the side of the road if I can find some.
  • Do a foot bath and pedicure.
  • Cook a perfect BBQ. Last time I did this I burnt the patties a bit so I want to skip the burning part this time!
  • Eat outside as often as possible. I love eating outside. We have a lovely tree which is perfect for sitting under in the shade.
  • Go to new river spots. Rivers are really nice to swim in because the water isn't salty (I hate that about the sea. Yuck!) and I just like them better. The only problem is the mosquitoes that eat you alive. Ugh, Mosquitoes!
  • Build a sand man instead of a snowman.
  • Have lots of iced tea and coffee.
  • Try grilled fruit kebabs.
  • Harvest produce from our garden.
  • Read the Christy Miller Volumes I own.
  • Decorate my room all summery.

What do you like to do in the summer? What are you doing now in the winter(for the readers on the other side of the world)?

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  1. I love the beach! But where swimming is concerned...I prefer a pool to anything else. Rivers, lakes, etc. bother me, and I refuse to swim in them. I don't mind swimming in the ocean, however. (I know, I'm weird that way.)

    Summer fruits and flowers, sand and sunshine...*sigh*. That sounds so nice right now since it is 30 degrees here! Though there are good parts about winter, like ice skating and watching the snow fall fom the window with a book and hot drink and of course all the lights and Christmas decorations. Still don't like the cold.

    I hope you enjoy a beautiful summer and check off every item on your list. It's hard for me to imagine having Christmas in the summer!:)


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