My Top Ten Books of 2017

I suppose it's time to round up my top favourite books of the year into one bundle!
This year I read quite a lot and I am quite proud of myself but I hope to read even more next year. These are very roughly in order but I liked them all.
So without further ado, here are my top ten books of  2017......which is ended so fast!

10. The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest
By Melanie Dickerson
For my first book by this author, I really liked it. I read it relatively quickly and I was happy with the ending too. The characters were great. There is excitement as you hope that Odette won't get caught poaching, I was on edge when that was happening! I could definitely see the elements of Robin Hood but as I don't know the story of the Swan Princess that well I didn't pick up on those parts much.
The reason why I liked this book was the adventure side to it and that fact that it was quite different to anything I have read before.
I am looking forward to picking up the next book in this medieval fairy tale series.
Link to my short Goodreads Review here.

9. The Icing on the Cake
 by Janice Thompson
Oh how I loved this book! I am such a sweet tooth ands all the mentions of cake got me hungry. I actually asked for an Italian Cream Cake for my birthday because I heard about it in this book. I talked about it in my Birthday post this year.
Anyway I really liked this book and the way it tied up to the first book, Picture Perfect.
Scarlett is an adorable character who has a passion for baking and I think she is awesome. Armando is cool and caring and a part of the big, lovable Rossi family. That family is so close and I love that part of it. I love all of it really! Link to my review

8. The Help
by Kathryn Stockett
This is a whopping big book and it took me quite a while to read! However I loved it all the same.
Minnie and Celia are my favourite characters. I coundn't wait till I got to a chapter with them in it.
I saw the movie first and was drawn to it after that. I think the movie is great too.
The African American topics interest me a lot. So I like stories like this one and A United Kingdom and Loving (Both movies based on true stories).

7. The Forgotten Recipe
by Amy Clipston
A sweet read! This book is what got me into Amy Clipston's books. I loved it. I am going through the series and can't wait to own the complete set.
I didn't like many Amish books before I read this. Amy's writing really appealed to me and this story is so lovely.

6. Blackout 
by Lynette Eason
For my first book by this author, it gave me a great impression on Lynette's writing. Also, considering it was a very short book, it was really cool.
It was creepy, intriguing and full of suspense.

5. The Shoe Box
by Francine Rivers
I think I'll start reading this every Christmas because it's so so good.
I liked it so much, and I really don't have many words for it!
All I can say is that you should read it, it's short and sweet and may make you cry.

4. Thin Ice
by Irene Hannon
Ooooooooo my goodness! Thin Ice was my first suspense novel and I loved it.
 It was a page-turner especially at the end when I couldn't put it down.
I can't wait to finish this series. So far I think Thin Ice is my favourite.

3. An Amish Match
by Jo Ann Brown
Link to my review of the book on this blog

2. Summer Promise
by Robin Jones Gunn
I have finally dived into Christy's world last month and I really enjoyed Summer Promise and A Whisper and a Wish.
It's a great summery read and I loved the parts with faith content.

1. An Eagle in the Snow 
by Michael Morpurgo
This has to be one of my favourite Michael Morpurgo books.
He is on of my top fave authors and this book just reminded me of that.
I wasn't expecting this to turn out to be a favourite of the year but well, it did!
I hope you pick it up it enjoy it too.

And there you have it, my top ten books of 2017!
Happy New Year and Happy Reading!

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