Ways to get into Bible Reading / Up your Bible Reading game!

So a while ago I was really struggling with reading the my Bible.
I knew it was important in my walk with God but I just didn't know how to approach it.
What should I read? When should I read it? For how long? Will I understand it? Do I have time for it?
All these questions were circling through my head and I knew I had to pray about it.
This was around the same time I attended the Christian conference I talked about in this post.
The conference gave me a lot to think about and it helped a lot but I still didn't quite get the boost I needed.
Then I found Coffee & Bible Time. A channel on Youtube that is run by sisters, Ashley and Taylor Krause. Their videos encouraged me a lot to go a start reading my Bible more. Once that got me started I became filled with this wonderful urge to read it more and more. That was truly an answer to my prayer(s). Not only did I want to read it  but I also understood it well.
It was a few days before I realised this was God answering my prayer and when I realised I was so happy!

So since I know the struggle I thought I would write this post to hopefully help any of you who are experiencing the same thing.

1. Pray about it
This is the number one thing to do because ultimately only God can help you.

2. Find some inspiration
For me this came from Ashley and Taylor's channel and my wonderfully inspiring Christian friends.
It can come form anyone or anything, a Bible verse, a sermon, friends, songs and people.

3. Get a journal
A journal will help you because while you read the Bible you will be able to write notes, thoughts and do art in your journal and these things will help you to understand thing more and think about what you read. You can also get really creative if you're that kind of person. Like me!

4. Use a devo book
Devotional books can be a great way to start getting into your Bible. Even if you are great at reading your Bible, a devo is sometimes nice to use in your quiet time.

5. Drink some coffee or tea
It goes well with Bible reading!

6. Don't feel like you have to read heaps
You don't have to read 4 chapters, it can just be a few verses. As long as you read some! You may start reading. intending to read a only few verses, and suddenly find you finished the chapter.

7. Prioritise it
When you wake up, instead of going on your phone or reading a book, grab your notebook and your Bible and read that first.

8. Open your quiet time by singing & praising to God
Speak O Lord, 10,000 Reasons, and Lord I lift your Name on High are great ones to use.

So those are things I do/use personally and they help me so they might help you too!

What do you love about the Bible?
What has God been teaching you lately?

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