A Disscusion about Thomas Barrow

I have been hesitant to write about this topic but I have many thoughts in the matter and had to share them with someone.
First, I will introduce Thomas Barrow to those of you who are less acquainted with him.

A pretty classic pose for Thomas
Thomas Barrow starts as a footman and works his way up to being butler at Downton Abbey. It seems he enjoys making people unhappy and in constantly getting into people's business. He smokes far too much for his own good. One other important fact about him, is that he is gay. It is this fact that prompted me to write this post.

So now you know a bit about him I will say that he doesn't stay all mean and heartless. In the last few seasons of the show, we do see some change in his behaviour towards others. He becomes kinder, more sensitive to others feelings, and more helpful.

I do not agree at all with his affections towards other men. I find it very gross and disturbing. However because of this downfall I do not think we should just dismiss him as a horrible person and stop at that.
Thomas is a person who has problems and could if he put his mind to it stop doing it. I thought it would have been good if there was a woman who maybe was in love with him and maybe it would help him. You know what I mean?
If someone 'showed' Thomas what a real relationship was like, I feel that would have made a difference.

Towards the end we see him very disturbed, so much so he nearly kills himself. I think he his confused and needs people to care for him.
I love the scenes with Thomas and George, I think they are so cute.

I did feel quite sorry for him in the end. Because of his meanness, there were very few people who liked him or trusted him and so he had few friends. But as they were somewhat kind to him despite the way he had treated them,he showed a change of heart.

I always like to look for the good in people and there is good in Thomas Barrow. Normally everyone has some good in them. Sometimes it just stays hidden.

So I suppose my conclusion is that I don't hate gays like Thomas Barrow (even though he's not a real person), I just hate what they believe and do.
As Christians we are commanded to love everyone, not with the exception of gay people.

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  1. Nice to see a post about Thomas! He is a generally misunderstood character, I feel.

    In season one, I really, really, really disliked him. By season two, with him going to war and all and being so cowardly, I began to pity him. And then seeing his reaction to Sybil's death--I almost liked him a little bit. In later seasons, he seemed changed a little bit for the better, so honestly, he's not among my least favorite characters of Downton.

    It's sad that he had to be in that lifestyle. Like you, I don't agree with homosexuality either, but I do agree that Jesus does not call us to hate on those people. We should love them and, in doing so, be a witness for Him.

    Great post, Hannah! :)


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