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Oh hi, I know, I know......... I am sorry that I haven't posted in a while. It was because my family and I went away for an amazing family conference (where we got to meet the Duggar family) and then I stayed longer for the youth conference afterwards. It was soo cool and I made many wonderful memories with dear people who I love.
Anyway, here I am, safe and well and writing to all on a hot and sweltering day in New Zealand.

What you are about to read are some of  my favourite online resources, blogs and other cool things,
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Christian Resources
The Bible Project - Link to website
TBP is such a cool non-profit organisation. It's hard to explain exactly what they do so please just head over to the link and see it for yourself! They also have a Youtube channel.
I love what they do sooooooooo much!

Youversion Bible app - Link to website
This is an app so you should have it on your phone or tablet. Basically, it's a digital bible but also a lot more. I have a printed Bible that I use but when I want to check a verse in another version (NKJV for example) I can. There are devotionals on there and you can create verse images too.

Blue Letter Bible - Link
This is a great help for studying the B-I-B-L-E. You can type in a word like......'fish' and all the verses with 'fish' in them will be right in front of you. That's only the tip of the iceberg though as BLB has so much to offer.

Pick Up Limes - Here
I found this lady on Youtube and she has a blog too. I think her recipes look great and these cookies are amazing and I 'll share more about them sometime soon.

Liezel Jayne - Here
This girl also knows her food. I have tried a couple of her recipes too and they were nice. Check her out. Both of these ladies make healthy food too.

Smoothie bowls - I started having these for breakfast about a month ago and they are amazing.
Recipe link
Overnight oats - Another breakfast I have begun to love. You soak oats, chia seeds, milk/water, and flavourings (cinnamon, fruit, dried fruit, peanut butter, sweetener) overnight and enjoy in the morning.

Teaccino - It's a caffeine-free coffee made from chicory and other plant ingredients. It tastes very much like coffee and I quite like it, though it will be better enjoyed in colder weather.

JJ Heller - Ahhhhh! JJ Heller will I am sure, stay on my list of top fave singers for a long time to come!
Check out more here.

I do hope that satisfied Y'all!

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