The Benefits of Water + 14 Tips for Drinking More Water

Recently I really started drinking water a lot more. And I feel like I need to share some things to helps others realise how great it is.
*takes a sip of water*
I'm sure you've been told before many times to drink water. And maybe you do, but I know that I used to go for a whole day without any water. Terrible, right?
So I hope this puts a new perspective on drinking water.

The Benefits of drinking Water / Reasons why you should drink it
There are many, many great things about what what does for your body.
These are just a few:

  1. Increases your energy It really does!
  2. Helps weight loss(if you need to)
  3. Flushes out the bad stuff aka toxins Think about it. Water goes right through you, taking toxins out with it.
  4. Great for your skin
  5. Boosts the immune system
  6. Natural headache remedy and prevention The reason I sometimes get a headache is because I'm dehydrated, soooooo......
  7. Perform better
  8. Be less grumpy

Now here are some tips:
This video here has some great tips that helped me.

Also here are 4 of my own tips:

1. Add fruit to your water,
Cucumber & Lemon is really nice. But you could also add raspberry, strawberry, mint, citrus, kiwifruit, or lime. Any fruits will work really. Have fun experimenting with different combos to find what you like best.
2. Drink water in the form of herbal tea as well.
3. Get water into you by eating water rich food. Watermelon and cucumber are obvious ones.
4. Get a bottle that is fun and pretty

And those are all my tips! Hope they help you to get into drinking water daily!

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  1. this month I've made a goal to drink 2 and a half quarts of water a day. It's definitely a lot but I can already feel/see the benefits! Great tips!


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