7 Days, 7 Ways with Scarves

So a new series begins! I mention in my March Favourites that I found a book about wearing scarves. I decided to try out some of the ways the book suggests and share my favourites with you along with a few other ways I like to add a scarf to my outfits.
This is the first of a series called 7 Days, 7 Ways were I take a piece(scarf, hair bow, hat) and show you 7 ways to wear it. I hope you like it!
While I was working on this post, I got my braces out so that is why they are in some pictures and not in others! Photo Credit: My lovely Mummy!

The Infinity ~ Day 1

This is a super simple scarf style and I'm sure most of you already know it and wear it. Still, I think it's the simplest things that can be most effective. In this outfit (jeans, top, cardigan), the scarf is the centrepiece. It is the only pop of colour and elevates the outfit.

The Audrey ~ Day 2

I love this style. I was happy with how this whole outfit turned out and the scarf just made it better. I ended up with quite a Frenchy chic style going on, and I loved it. With my favourite pencil skirt, a simple polka dot t-shirt, a skinny belt, and those cute 'vintage' earrings from my mini thrift haul, I was very pleased with the combo. I also seem to have a few navy blue clothing items in my wardrobe!

The Cummerbund ~ Day 3

This is such a cool idea. It makes perfect sense too. Use a long scarf as a belt to add some colour to a simple dress. I also love this blue dress because it goes with lots of things. Wearing the scarf around your waist is quite comfortable too, more comfortable than a belt. I will be doing this a lot more in the future.

The Paris ~ Day 4

I absolutely love this scarf look, and this scarf which is pure silk and I thrifted it! Silk scarves are the best! It's so soft, comfy and warm too. (Notice my shoes? I love them too. Very vintage inspired!) Back to the scarf and outfit. Lately, I have been lazy and just wearing jeans because the weather is cooler now. I did wear a grey cardigan with this outfit but took it off later in the day. You will definitely be seeing me wear this scarf (and this scarf look) many more times in the future!

The New York ~ Day 5

A nice cozy look for autumn & winter. This scarf is very soft and warm, perfect for the colder months. I took these pictures with a tripod. My aunt gave me this scarf for my birthday a few years ago. This scarf look is very easy to do and you get a nice bit of warmth around your neck. For the best results use and big square scarf for the best poofyness!

The Professor ~ Day 6

Ahhh, how I do love this scarf! The Professor is meant to be worn when you have a collared shirt but I decided not to wear one that day. My outfit was mostly thrifted, my jeans, the jersey and the star of the show, the silk scarf. get a good silk scarf and you will not regret it.
The leaves are slowly changing colour in the background and my 2nd favourite season is underway.
I always make sure that my outfits are comfy as well as stylish and this one fit the bill.

The Knotted Choker ~ Day 7

This method of scarf tying wasn't from the book but I included it anyway because it's a very versatile look. I have worn this peach coloured scarf with a few outfits tied in this way.
All you need a long, thinner scarf. Wrap it around your neck and tie it up in the front.
I didn't actually wear this outfit for the whole day because as soon as I stepped outside I realised it was really too chilly to wear this summery dress!

In case you were wondering I used the word 'scarf/scarves' a total of 24 times! Beat that!
I hope you enjoyed this post as much I did putting it together.
P.S Hopefully my Monday Friday shedule will be restored back to order!


  1. I loved this post!!
    I think I'll try one or two of them sometime, maybe next fall!

  2. I love the Infinity, the Paris, the Cummerbund, the New York, and the Knotted Choker looked cool!!


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