Best Dressed : Alicia Vikander

This is a new series on my blog where I will show you some of my favourite looks from actresses I love to watch. Today I am focusing on Alicia Vikander. She was made for period drama roles. Some people just really fit in period movies. The 'rules' are that I have to like what the person wears, there has to plus a minimum of 6 outfits that I like, and they have to be modest, and something that I would possibly wear. I someone outfit fits these rules then I 'll include it here in a post like this one.

No. 1
The first look is the one above. Black and white always look classy. I like this outfit because of the top mostly. I think it's so cute! Lace detail, a little frill, 3/4 length sleeves, it's so pretty. The skirt is really classy and simple. It's also a modest length. I not a huge fan of the bag but it's nice. Her shoes are quite nice though, I like the little buckle they have.
Overall, I would love to wear this outfit.

I am a big fan of floral prints and patterns so I added this dress to my picks. I think the style and cut of this piece are very pretty and feminine. The ruffle at the waist adds a nice touch and the length is beautiful. I love it.

I really like the colour pink right now, especially light pinks and blush pinks. I would totally wear this dress. It's gorgeous! The sleeves are beautiful, the details add a girly touch and the length is nice and modest. I adore everything about this piece. It looks like the kind of dress that flows and swishes nicely too.

Casual but still classic. Her coat is what made me look again. I would love to get a long winter coat similar to this only with a more vintage style. You can't see much of the rest of her outfit but it appears she's wearing a red top and a knee-length black skirt. I like the pop of red. Red is an amazing colour. I don't like her shoes because I don't like pointed toe shoes. I would probably wear some boots with this outfit. 

Alicia looks gorgeous and a little like Belle in this stunning dress. I don't like strapless anything, but the rest of this dress is beautiful. Add some sleeves of a bolero and it's perfect. Yellow is such a pretty, happy colour. I always thought that dresses with a hem like this looked like a pillow(all poofy and billowed out) and I imagined that they are full of air.

Simplicity is best sometimes. A plain coloured pair of pants, a cute shirt, and some gold jewellery is all you need one some days. This is something I imagine my Mom wearing and looking good in. I am a bit picky about shirts and I like them to fit perfectly. I hate them if they're baggy, or the sleeves are too long and loose. The colours in this outfit are really nice too.

So, what did you think? Which is your favourite?


  1. My favorite outfit was probably number 6! That's something I would wear, except with boots :)

  2. My favourite is definitely number 1! simple but lovely!♥

  3. Ooh, pretty! I especially liked #2 and the last one :)


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