Journal with Hannah 3 : It is Finished! Entry

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend whether you celebrate Easter or not.
Our weather for the weekend was beautiful, warm and sunny, which definitely helped in setting the mood for Easter celebration.
Another thing that helped me get into the Easter mindset was doing a journal entry about it.
Like the new post header?

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When I started this page, I had no plans at all. No ideas, scriptures or colours. But little by little inspiration worked its way into my mind and this page started taking shape.

I started by making a tomb out the of....brown paper, (I bet that it'll make an appearance it just about every journaling post I ever write!) scrunching it up to get this effect. 

Next, I stuck down some 'grass'. I also put some splattered paper I had made ages ago. This is supposed to be like Jesus' blood.

I forgot to take a few photos in between here and the end result. Basically, I wrote in Matthew 20:19 on the stone and Isaiah 53:5 in the tomb. I used my sister's watercolour brush pens to create a background of the crosses.

After a few final touches, and I was done!

I wrote 'It is Finished' at the top because it's so true. After he said those words and died it was over. The price was paid and we were forgiven. That's it, He did it all. Right there, on that old rugged cross!

I hope you enjoyed this and that it encouraged and inspired you.

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