My Thrifting Wishlist

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It's a cloudy, chilly day, we're getting over a cold and I decided to write I little list of things I'm looking for when I go thrifting.
So without further ado...

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I always check the scarf racks at thrift stores because I'm trying to build a collection and they're always cheap. I make sure to see if it a label and what it's made of. Bonus if it's silk!

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I mostly go for necklaces, earrings and brooches/pins. These are the kinds of jewellery that I wear the most. Plus it's cheaper than brand new stuff. Don't get me wrong though, brand new jewellery is often better.

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Lately, I've been searching for long-sleeved tops now that it's cooler. I found a great cotton button down shirt last time I went, that I'm wearing right now. I'll also be keeping an eye out for t-shirts too though because it's often better to buy things offseason.

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I have gotten a few good skirts in the past few months. I do think that I shouldn't get too many skirts now and focus on the tops. I have bought some of my favourite skirts from the thrift shop. I often struggle to find ones that fit because I need a smaller size but sometimes I hit the jackpot!

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Little dishes, vases, silverware, frames, all that stuff. I always peruse theses shelves in case I find some treasure. Frames sometimes have pretty prints in them. Litte dishes can serve as ring dishes.

Short and sweet today! I have some other great post ideas in mind for when I have more time.



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